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OpenJill is open source game engine to clone Jill Trilogy game (Jill of the jungle, Jill goes Underground, Jill save the Prince). The project try to be most compatible with the original game.

OpenJill replace only this MS-DOS executable file. To work, OpenJill need all game file (*.vcl, *.sha…).

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Source code on Google code (Git repository) :

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In 2011 a co-worker show me a game works under Android platform that he write. He say me “That is the futur ! Forget Delphi.”.
Yes, it's true. In my spare time, I wrote some program in Delphi.
He makes fun of me because Delphi is old technologie (but not death !).
I say “Ok, let me show that I can create a plateform game in Delphi from scratch without any help.” One year later, I show The Nuclear Caves game, a clone of “Crystal Caves” game, but wrote in Lazarus (a clone of Delphi).
The only problem is that the game store map level in own MS-DOS executable, I must recreate all graphic item. It's very long and I dislike this.

In summer of 2012, I discover the Modding Wiki website with many thing about the “Jill trilogy” game“.

I remember this game that took me long hour when I'm young. OpenJill project was born.

I decide to use Java plateform for this project cause I'm JEE developper and I never use GUI library like AWT or Swing.


Jill : file format

Jill : Secret working

OpenJill : DevZone


OpenJill is release under Mozilla Public License v2, see License page.

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