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Blade weapon

Blade weapon is send when player has right inventory : item inventory n°8

Blade display image tileset 45.
iCounter is index of picture (0 to 3).
xd is always -6 or 6.
yd start to 0 and increment by 1 at each cycle.

When blade hit a wall, xd is multipy by -1.
When blade hit floor or something above yd is multipy by -1.

Launch (fire key pressed)

When player fire, blade is create at X = player.X-8 and Y = player.Y+2.
iStateCount and iCounter set to 0.
iXd = 6 or -6 (depend of iXd of player)

At each cycle, subState is increase by 1. When subState is 63, blade is removed.

Blade remove when is out of visible screen !

Blade don't hit stair.

Break wall

Blade weapon can break block called BREAKWALL and replace it by block called 0.

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