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Knife movement

Knife is first weapon in Jill Trilogy, but his movement is a little bit complicated.

iStateCount is state of object.
iXD is the size of current move and way (>0 to right, 0> to left).
iYD is the size of current move and way (only 0, -1, 1)

No move

iStateCount = 0 to no move.


iStateCount = 65535 to fall but no other verticaly move. iYd = -1

Launch (fire key pressed)

When player fire, knife is create at X = player.X and Y = player.Y+2.
iStateCount set to 1.
iXd = 8 or -8 (depend of iXd of player)

State and action

000 no move, no fall, no hit ennemy. Player can catch it.
1 → 148 or -80 hit enemeny. Player can't catch it.
Add iXd at each cycle
14 → 648 → -84 → -4 hit enemeny. Knife follow player (see below).
65535 0-1 hit enemeny. Knife fall. Player can catch it

Knife follow player

The goal is to goto player.X and player.Y.
If player.X is greater than X and iXd < 8, increase iXd to 1.
If player.X is smaller than X and iXd > -8, decrease iXd to 1.
If player.Y is greater than Y and iYd < 4, increase iXd to 1.
If player.Y is smaller than Y and iYd > -4, decrease iXd to 1.

Atfer, just add to X iXd and to Y iYd.

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