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 ===== Item inventory list ===== ===== Item inventory list =====
-^Id^Description^Tileset^Tile^ +^Id^Description^Tileset^Tile^Statusbar message
-|0|Morph: Jill|14|38| +|0|Morph: Jill|14|38
-|1|Key: Red Key|14|12| +|1|Key: Red Key|14|12
-|2|Weapon: Knive|14|13| +|2|Weapon: Knive|14|13
-|3|Key: Crystal Rock|14|11| +|3|Key: Crystal Rock|14|11
-|4|Morph: Frog|14|14| +|4|Morph: Frog|14|14
-|5|Morph: Fire bird (phoenix)|14|15| +|5|Morph: Fire bird (phoenix)|14|15
-|6|Morph: Spider (not working on original game)|14|18| +|6|Morph: Spider (not working on original game)|14|18
-|7|Morph: Fish|14|20| +|7|Morph: Fish|14|20
-|8|Weapon: Blade|14|35| +|8|Weapon: Blade|14|35| YOU FOUND A SPINNING BLADE 
-|9|Bonus: High Jump|14|36| +|9|Bonus: High Jump|14|36
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