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Install note

OpenJill requied Java JRE 1.7 and original game file (Jill of the jungle/Jill goes underground/Jill save the prince).

If you don't have original file, you can download shareware file in download section.

Put original game file into in you folder choice. Then put OpenJill binary file (a simply Jar file) into this folder (with original EXE file).
Under Windows, simply double-clisk on Jar file OpenJill-x.x.x.jar.

Under Unix, use java -jar OpenJill-x.x.x.jar in game folder.

For Unix, java binaries path must in shell path.

OpenJill is note case sensitive for filename. No change filename is required.

Override default file path configuration.

If you want change default path, you can override default properties on command line :
java -jar OpenJill-x.x.x.jar jill.pathFile=/mypath

Override default screen size configuration.

You cannot override screen configuration, but you can override zoom configuration :
java -jar OpenJill-x.x.x.jar game.zoom=1
The default value is 2

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