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OpenJill sub folder

OpenJill subfolder contain the core of game (object, background, save, load…). It's very big (too big, must be explode near time) folder.

Game engine

package : org.simplegame
config file :

This package contains very basic game engine.

Game engine is build with windows (JForm) and JPanel.
Simply timer call a class who implement InterfaceSimpleGameHandleInterface.
The class SimpleGameKeyHandler grap key event.


package :

Class JillGameConfig give some setup parameter (path of file, screen depth).
Classe JillConst give some const.


package :
config file : &

This package contains all object of game (apple, ennemies…).


package :
config file : &

This package contains all background.

Screen object

package :
config file : & &

Class ControlArea is class to display control area on screen.
Class InventoryArea is class to display inventory area on screen.
Class StatusBar is class to display all screen object (control area, game area…).
Class EnumScreenType is class to enumerate display type (CGA, EGA, VGA).

Note :
Inventory area in start screen not displayed. It's Jill face that are draw.
Control area not display when high score or save/load game menu display.


package :

This package contains alla class to send message.
Because, it's more easy to code when object doesn't know other object, a message manager was created for jill game.
If you want display message on status bar, the object (for example GEM) just send message in MESSAGE_STATUS_BAR pipe.

All interaction between object or game use message manager.

Class EnumMessageType is pipe of messages.
Class MessageDispatcher is message manager. Use it to register object that will receive message.
Class InterfaceMessageGameHandler is interface that object must be implement to receive message.

Note : message type depends of message type


package :

Manager is use to create something (object, background…)

Class BackgroundManager create background from file data.
Class ObjectManager create object form file data.
Class TileManager is picture cache and create picture from file data.
Class TextManager is tool to help draw text.


package :

This package contains all basic class for run level.

Class nameCommentExtend class
AbstractChangeLevel This class contains all methods to change level, load/restore game the class below
AbstractExecutingStdPlayerLevel This class contains methods to center screen on player, move player and contains startup level message the class below
AbstractExecutingStdLevel This class manage all of execution method of game (run, pause, cheat, key, update background, update object…) the class below
AbstractMenuJillLevel This class manage display menu the class below
AbstractObjectJillLevel This class manage all of background, screen, load files and message dispatcher the class below
AbstractBasicCacheLevel This class contains basic method for cache file to not reload between level if same file the class below

package :

This package contains final class to be use in game.

Class LoadNewLevelHandler is use to load a new level or restore a saved game.
This class clear inventory (except GEM), keep score and search check point (for new level).

package :

This package contains specific class for first episode of Jill. See Basic class diagram

package :
config file : high_score_menu

Class InformationBox display information box (in start screen use for instruction).

package :
config file : & & & &

Class AbstractMenu is root class for all menu.
Class StdMenu is standard menu displayed (exit, start menu).
Class ClassicMenu is menu (exit, start menu) use configuration file to be load…
Class SaveGameMenu menu to save game.
Class LoadGameMenu menu to load game.
Class HighScoreMenu menu to display high score.

Class MenuInterface is interface for all menu.
Class SubMenu is menu entry for StdMenu.

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